Historic Museum of Copper by Francesco Gerbasi
The Millenary Art of Copper 

La Ramera - heir of the past, custodian of the present, guarantor of the future

Historic museum of Copper was born thanks to Gerbasi's family who were the last coppersmiths of the Agnonese noble art, the museum name founder coppersmith Francesco born in San Buono (Ch) 1856.

The visit of the museum is more than just a historic past: it is an emotional and understanding of the sacrifice of hard work but also describing even the genius of the people that working copper built up the wealth for centuries.

The reconstruction of the environment with the original tools collected over centuries evoke the atmosphere of the world of copper and telling the story and secret of this ancient art that has moved across the centuries until now.

So this museum is a magic place where you can live a unique experience and learn the historical facts of copper.